Atlantic Regional Group

Annual General Meeting

November 9, 2011

12:00 – 2:00

Members Present: Julia Landry, Elizabeth Jablonski, Katrina Alda, Claire Bennett, Michelle Gallinger, Chris Lavergne, Linda Berko, Kellie McIvor, Amanda Thomas, Ian Loughead, Colleen Day, Ann Shaftel.

Regrets: Claire Titus

  1. AGM   Election of Officers:
    1. President:  Julia Landry elected by acclamation.
    2. Secretary:  Colleen Day elected by acclamation.
    3. Treasurer: Kellie McIvor elected by acclamation
    4. Web Master: Ian Loughead elected by acclamation.
    5. CAC rep: Elizabeth Jablonski elected by acclamation.


  1. Treasurer’s Report.
    1. Kellie McIvor presented the Treasurer’s Report.  Our expense for the website purchasing the domain name (about $15).  Colleen and Kellie will move the account to the Credit Union.  Our service charges will be about $4 per month.  We have a balance of $845.00
    2. Dues: There was a general discussion of whether or not we should lower the dues, now that are expenses are reduced. Most people felt we should leave them at $10 per year.  This will allow us to fund projects if they come up.  Dues for 2012 are due now.
    3. CAC Conference 2013 in Saint John
      1. Julia and Michelle met with NBM Director Jane Fullerton – they will give CAC the space for free. Julia is heading up a central conference committee and registrations and publications will be done by that committee.  Most local arrangements will be done by Dee Lee-Stubbs.  Julia is hoping ARG can organize a workshop.  There are generally two workshops, one a seminar style, one hands on.   After general discussion it was agreed that ARG could take this on.
      2. Julia is hoping for a workshop on running a small business, aimed at private conservators.  There are certain things that are unique to conservation business:  i.e.  lack of repeat customers.   Michelle: NBM director want this workshop because of outreach to small NB museum possible.  Chris: thinks its a good idea.  Discussion: Parks employees don’t have much time to help, but other members are willing.  Claire pointed out that this is a good workshop for recent graduates.
      3. Michelle wants to do a workshop on paint. (e.g. various  inpainting media). Elizabeth thought she had more problems with textures of fills than inpainting media.  Colleen said this workshop was of more interest to painting conservators than artefact conservators – artefact conservators are usually not as concerned about undetectable colour matches.
      4. It was agreed that everyone will think about what kind of hands on workshop people want to see.  All ideas will be submitted to Colleen   by November 28.  She will circulate the list and members will vote on it.
      5. Activities:
        1. Christmas Party:  No one volunteered to host an evening Christmas Party.  We decided that we would have a Christmas lunch, December 9th at 1:00 , unstructured potluck, at Parks.
        2. We decided that we didn’t need an official activities officer.  As a group we came up with the next three activities: A Christmas lunch Dec 9th, perhaps a Leap Party on Feb. 29, and then,  Colleen will look into Ghost Tour of Citadel.
        3. Michelle has been looking into funding for another  Angels project. She has discovered that  Betty-Ann no longer with HRM, nobody she has talked to has a way of funding such a project.   There was a general discussion of ways to leverage funding.  Colleen will send Michelle contact for Anita Price, Kellie and Chris will think about the funding issues.  Elizabeth will help Michelle with this project.  Colleen said it was more difficult for Parks conservators to participate now than it was in the past.


The meeting was adjourned.