AGM Minutes – April 23, 2009

12:30 – 1:30

Members Present:
Candace Sweet, Ian Loughead, Julia Landry, Colleen Day, Karen Slauenwhite-Eldershaw,
Chris Lavergne, Amanda Thomas, Eddie Paterson, Elizabeth Jablonski, Michelle

Regrets: Laurie Hamilton, Karin Kearstead, Linda Berko, Dee Stubbs.

1. Election of Officers:
a. President: Julia Landry elected by acclamation.
b. Secretary: Colleen Day elected by acclamation.
c. Treasurer: Candace Sweet elected by acclamation
d. Web Master: Ian Loughead elected by acclamation.
e. CAC rep: Elizabeth Jablonski elected by acclamation.
f. Event Co-ordinator: Nobody elected

2. Treasurer’s Report.
a. Candace Sweet presented the Treasurer’s Report. Our major expense is
the charges for the website. Ian reported that he had found another option
for free hosting of the website. This will limit our expense to purchasing
the domain name (about $15)

3. Annual Dues
a. Most present paid their annual dues. Members who haven’t paid there dues
by the end of May will have their information removed from the website.
Colleen and Ian will send out reminders to those on the website.

4. Activities:
a. There was general interest in a tour of the new Parks Canada building
once it is complete. Colleen anticipates it will be complete by October
or November.
b. Michelle raised the possibility of doing another “ARG ANGELS” day where
members volunteer with small local museums. She suggested October, perhaps
to help institutions with their winter closings. Michelle and Elizabeth
volunteered to try and find funding for supplies, and to organize this effort.
Colleen will find the list of the types of projects we can help with from
last time, and circulate it.

The Meeting was adjourned at 1:30

AGM 2008 – Called

The next AGM of the Atlantic Regional Group has been called. It will take
place on February 27, 2008 at the Parks Canada Conservation Lab Boardroom
in Burnside (50 Raddall Ave). The time will be 12:00 PM and this will be
a brown bag lunch event. Board members will be elected at this meeting (don’t
arrive late!!). Any other business can be brought up and discussed.

AGM Minutes – February 21st, 2007

In Attendance:

Karen Slaunwhite-Eldershaw, Chris Lavergne, Joe Landry, Julia Landry, Elizabeth
Jablonski, Amanda Thomas, Ian Loughead, Candace Sweet, Kellie McIvor

Agenda: Housekeeping, Election of new Officers, Web-site up-date and Financial

Item #1: Review of December 18th general meeting minutes
and Jan. Executive meeting minutes. Both minutes approved.

Item #2: Financial Report: Candace gave an overview of
ARG financial statement (refer to attachment for report). With the changes
to the ARG name/Web-site issues, Candace contacted the bank regarding changing
our financial accounts/cheques to the ‘new name’ of Conservators Atlantic.
The cost to change is prohibitive, so ARG will remain as the official name
of our finances.

It was suggested and passed that the new fiscal year will run from Jan.1-Dec.31,
starting in 2008.

The issue of dues was also raised – when they are due and how to collect.
It was suggested that March 31st be the deadline (final deadline) for dues.
If dues were not paid in full, then a reminder would be sent out (or 2 reminders).
If dues were still not paid, then that name would be removed from the web-site
list and reinstated when dues were paid in full. Julia has offered to draft/send
the reminders. This motion was voted and approved.

The 2006 Christmas party dues/deal covers 2006 dues, not 2007.

Item #3: Chris brought us up to speed on the Heritage
Strategy Report. Senior management guarantees the on-going inclusion of
the need for a conservation lab in the final report. The deadline for the
report has been pushed up to April/07 and may be pushed forward again. Guarded
optimism and anticipation regarding the final report!

Item #4: Election of Officers. The faces remain similar
but we do have a new and welcome addition to our Officers! Welcome Elizabeth.

Treasurer: Candace Sweet

Web-site Coordinator: Ian Loughead

Secretary: Colleen Day

CAC Provincial Rep.: Elizabeth Jablonski

President: Julia Landry

Events-Coordinator: Kellie McIvor

Item #5: Web site “Conservators Atlantic” and CAC issues.

Regarding the private list posted on the web site and CAC’s concern re:
referrals, our response was that the list is self-policed in that only qualified
conservators are on the list. Our criteria for the private list are that
the member is either CACP accredited or a graduate from a recognized programme.
Our goal is to have as many conservators in our region achieve accreditation
as possible. Our criteria also keep the current list as is.

If members on the posted private site want their e-mail addresses posted
as well, please contact Ian Loughead directly and he will edit your contact

Item #6: Other business.

Kellie requested ideas for future events and suggested that these events
be ‘team-based’ during the planning and the event. Volunteers would step-up
when required.

Candace and Julia discussed the ARG Angels project. To date, there is $52.80
left in the ARG Angel budget. Julia will get in contact with Betty-Ann Milligan-Aboe
regarding a 2007 project/HRM funding but no decision has been made and HRM
may not have the money this year. Wait and see.

Meeting of ARG Executive
Jan 31, 2007

(follow up to meeting from Dec. 18, 2006 – see below)

Present: Julia Landry, Candace Sweet, Colleen Day, Ian Loughead.

Colleen circulated the minutes from the Dec. 18 meeting, and got 3 written
responses, and 2 verbal ones. The consensus is that the membership want
to maintain the list of private conservators, and also wants to maintain
links to the CAC. The temporary solution to this dilemma is to remove all
references to the CAC from the website and change the url for the website
to Conservators-Atlantic. ARG will maintain its link to CAC, but this will
not be evident on the website.

Julia will write to John McElhone, the president of CAC to explain what
we have done and why. Ian will make all the changes to the website this

We need to hold an AGM to vote on whether or not we should change the name
of the group as listed on the website from “ARG” to something like Conservators

The AGM will be held Wednesday, February 21, in the Parks Boardroom at
12:30 ARG will supply coffee, tea, and desert.

Meeting of ARG Executive and invitees
Dec. 18, 12:45

Present: Ian Loughead, Kellie McIvor, Heidi Sobol, Colleen Day, Julia Landry,
Candace Sweet

Purpose: To discuss a response to the letter from John McElhone, president
of CAC, which outlines the CAC policy on referrals. In his letter, he points
out that since the ARG website is clearly marked as affiliated with the
CAC, and we have a list of private conservators and their contact information
posted on it, we are not following the CAC policy of directing members of
the public who wish to hire a private conservator to CAPC.

Do we need the posted list?
It became evident early on in the discussion that it was important to those
in the room to continue posting the private conservators list. The page
starts with a disclaimer, so we did not feel we were recommending anybody
on the list, and there are links to the pamphlet "Choosing a Conservator"
on the CAPC website to help people formulate the right questions to ask
conservators. ARG members have paid their dues for this year on the basis
of having a website posting, so we should maintain it until next year in
any case.It is certainly a useful place for people who are asked for names
to send people for the contact information.

The group decided that to suggest to the membership that
in the short term we remove all signs of the affiliation with CAC from the
website, this being the easiest way to comply with the request from CAC.
This will involve changing the web address when it comes up for renewal
in about 65 days, and remove any CAC logos or phrases from the website as
soon as the decision is made. There was some discussion of whether or not
we should stay the "Atlantic Regional Group" without specifying
what the parent group is, or change names to something like "Atlantic
Conservator’s Group". "The existence of two ARG groups (the Atlantic
Regional Group and the Alberta Regional Group) certainly caused much confusion
over the years."

• in the long term we discussed making it a goal to make sure that all private
conservators listed on the website are CAPC members. Over half of the people
listed are now CAPC members, and the general feeling was that if we set
a time deadline several years hence after which only accredited CAPC members
would be eligible for listing, the other people now listed could make an
informed choice about either becoming accredited, or not paying dues.
• These proposed changes are fairly radical, and would have to be put to
the membership at an AGM.
• The date of Wednesday February 7th is proposed to hold the AGM, at a restaurant
to be named later.
• We agreed that these minutes will be posted on the website, and members
sent an e-mail asking them to look at them
• Julia will draft a response to John McElhone once we have some feedback
from the members.
• We will ask CAC if they wish to retain a link to their website from our

Annual ARG Holiday Party Invitation

Hello members,

You are cordially invited to attend the annual ARG Community Event,
scheduled for Friday November 24th (the itinerary is printed below). This
year’s meeting will focus on the cultural and artistic developments of the
Pier 21 area of downtown Halifax. This event has been paired with the ARG
Christmas party, which will follow the scheduled events of the same day.

Everyone is welcome, and all ARG members who have paid for 2006 may attend
for free. The Christmas party will involve a sampling of beer produced by
Garrison Brewery, with non-alcoholic options available. It will also be
casually catered, so there will be no potluck this year. A sum of $15.00
will be requested from ONLY those members who have not paid up this year’s
dues and will be collected on Friday November 24th.

Pier 21 is located on Marginal Road, behind the Westin Hotel (on Hollis
St., across from Cornwallis Park). The event will start at 1pm at the Pier
21 Museum. Parking is available, despite all the construction, so you may
want to show up a bit early and the Commissionaires on -duty will assist
you in finding a parking place.
Event starts
here! Parking will likely be available in front of bldg.

can be found here.

PLEASE RSVP no later than Monday, November 20th.

On behalf of the ARG Event committee, we look forward to seeing you all
at this event!

Heidi Sobol

1pm – tour of Pier 21 museum, which will be led by the curator Kim
2 to 3:30pm – tour of the new Mary E. Black Gallery, as well as the
MEB workshop studios. This will be led by the director Susan
MacAlpine-Foshay and curator Leola Leblanc.
3:30pm to ??? – reception at Garrison Brewery. We will have this
catered with hors d’oeuvres and guests will be
able to sample all the beer that they make there. Non-alcoholic
(e.g. soda, coffee)
options will be available.

Annual General Meeting

Held: January 23, 2006

Members Present: Karen, Amanda, Ian, Candace, Katarina, Colleen, Eddie,
Joe, Julia, Heidi
Business Meeting
1. Elections of President, Treasurer, Secretary, Activities Coordinator,
and CAC rep (N.S.)

a) Treasurer:
Nominations were sought, there were no volunteers other than the incumbent.
Canadace was acclaimed as Treasurer

b) Secretary:
Two candidates were nominated and indicated a willingness to stand, Colleen
Day (the incumbent) and Ann Shaftel. A vote was held. Colleen Day was elected

c) President:
Nomination were sought with no volunteers. Julia Landry agreed to stand
for another term, although she felt that she had not given it enough attention
over the last year. A vote of confidence was taken. A majority of members
present affirmed their support for Julia. She was acclaimed as President.

d) Activities Co-ordinator
In a tradition started last year, it was decided to elect a member who was
not present at the meeting to this position. Kellie McIvor was volunteered.
Heidi Sobol volunteered to help her. The membership were polled for ideas:
the Sports Museum and the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia were suggested.

e) CAC representative for Nova Scotia
Nomination were sought. Heidi Sobol was nominated. She was acclaimed.

2. Membership: There were 17 members for the 2005-2006 year. Memberships
are due again.

3. Treasurer’s Report. Candace gave a report on income, disbursements,
and the bank balance. It was decided that if the minutes were to be posted
on a website the actual figures should not be included.

Other Business
Angel Project: members are willing to do it again next year, we are waiting
to hear from HRM over whether or not the budget has been allocated for next
Website: The domain name was discussed, and it was decided that ARG would
purchase the name ARG-CAC. It was also decided to post the list of private
conservators, and the minutes from meetings, and to send members a link
to them.